Oh, hi!

I’m Kara Cutruzzula, a writer, editor, playwright, and lyricist.

My newsletter Brass Ring Daily encourages you to keep going every morning.

I share some of the highs and lows of the creative process. Lots of talk and the occasional lesson about failure, collaboration, productivity (but hopefully not in the gross way).

Basically, I want to help you do your best and most meaningful work.

Whether you're starting or working through a new project, considering a career change, or simply need a bit more optimism each day, I think I’ve got something for you.

The history

I began writing this newsletter in January 2017. We're now up to over 1,000 issues. That's a lot of Sondheim references, my friends.

Over the years, Brass Ring Daily has been mentioned in the New York Times’ Smarter Living section, Vanity Fair, Inc., and Lifehacker.

Other fun stuff

You can also support my work by ordering one of my books, Do It For Yourself or the forthcoming Do It Today, or just sharing the newsletter with a friend!

Thanks so much for being here. It means more than you know.

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Kara Cutruzzula

Writing musicals, plays, the newsletter Brass Ring Daily, and the motivational journals Do It For Yourself and Do It Today.